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Many women suffer during the menopause – emotional issues, lower back pain, poor sleep, anxiety, and the dreaded hot flushes.

The good news is that acupuncture is here to help. An acupuncturist’s unique ability to treat these common symptoms associated with the menopause is made possible through an understanding of the internal organs and their respective functions.

When it comes to the menopause, the main organs associated with this milestone change in life are the liver and the kidneys.

In ancient Chinese medicine, the kidneys are said to be governed by the element water. As we get older, the kidneys’ energy naturally diminishes. During the menopause, the kidneys are further depleted and this deficiency of the water element can result in an inability of the kidneys to cool the rest of the body, particularly the fire of the heart organ.

Also, due to the anatomical location of the kidneys, their deficiency can also cause women to experience lower back pain. Coupled with the main deficiency symptoms of the kidney, the hot flushes, this makes for an uncomfortable experience. Furthermore, the Chinese understanding that the kidneys house the emotion ‘fear’, explains why during the menopause, many women also suffer from anxiety.

The liver is known to store and circulate the blood; during the menopause, there is a reduction in the amount of blood stored in the liver. This reduction in blood can also result in an excess production of heat. This heat can also further aggravate and cause hot flushes. Emotionally, the liver is said to house the emotion of ‘anger’, which explains why during this period, women may experience an accompaniment of irritability and anger. Also, because of the liver’s relationship to the neck and shoulders, stiffness and tightness through this region is something that many women end up suffering from.

A skilled acupuncturist is capable of determining which of these organs is involved in the patient’s case of menopause. Then, through the gentle use of super fine, often painless, acupuncture needles, these symptoms can be comfortably and effectively treated. Acupuncture can provide the relief you deserve during this time and allow you to once again, have a cool and relaxing night of sleep.